Hello. I am Joe Tran.

I love taking pictures. I love travelling. I love hanging out and meeting new people. I currently am living in Calgary and pursing my passion as a photographer. In the summers I go hiking, and drive around a lot. Winters are for snowboarding. Play hockey for fun year-round and I am always down for bubble tea and pho. My addiction to coffee has recently been getting worse as I have began to explore Calgary's coffee shops. 

Photography for me started out as a hobby, taking pictures of friends and family. Slowly people started reaching to me to take photos of events or they wanted some new pictures to post on their social media accounts. Here I am today! Anyone can take a snapshot of people, but I feel like there is more to capturing a moment. Let me help you capture your moment!

I've started to also get into videography recently and find it immensely rewarding. It takes such commitment to plan the shots ahead of time in your head and then go put hours and hours into making your vision come to life. The goal is to bring back that emotion and let that moment play back in your head.

Don't hesitate to contact me for more information. I am always available for questions.