Hi, I'm Joe

I really like being outside, doing things. camping, running, cycling, hanging out, taking pictures. I've recently have really been into bouldering, so I'm exploring that avenue now. This picture of me was taken 2 days into a 4 day back packing trip by my wife of less than a year.

Your Story starts here

Photography started for me a little later in life. Getting my first point and shoot camera at 16 years old, I loved capturing moments whether out with friends and family or just documenting my day. The hobby of taking a snapshot in time grew to telling stories through images. I've had the privilege of being apart of people's biggest milestones, from proposals to wedding days to celebrating new milestones.

I have since expanded my interest from photographic stills to film making. There is something captivating in being able to capture someone's story and translating it to video. Your wedding often comes and goes too quickly, and I've grown love capturing the sights and sounds of the day, so you can experience it again and again.


My Philosophy

My philosophy of photography and videography is not only help you see what happened on a particular day, but remember how you felt when you saw your partner down the aisle for the first time. I love capturing genuine moments that would otherwise pass by when the next thing demands your attention. Let my team take care of the small details and the biggest moments, while you be present in the very minute you're in. I believe memories are the greatest investment you make for your wedding day.

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"Process saves us from the poverty of our intentions."

Elizabeth King