Jess and Zewen's Micro Wedding in Vancouver, BC Canada

Growing up my family spent a lot of time with Jess' family, naturally, as we are cousins. Anything from sleep overs, swimming and even our families moving into the same house. She has always been this fun and goofy girl with an incredible heart and an insane creative eye. It's almost unbelievable seeing her grow up into the woman she's turned into. I moved away from Vancouver in 2010, so I have this snapshot of Jess in my head as a highschooler.

I met Zewen a few years ago. He was quiet and reserved, but he was an observer - soaking in how crazy our family is. From what I observed, he grew up in a smaller and more reserved family, contrasted with Jess' huge and loud family. It's definitely an adjustment for anybody. He's slowly acclimatizing to your energy. Haha. What I learned from talking to Zewen is the dedication and thought he puts into his preparation for his students. But evident above all else, was his heart for Jess.

For their wedding day, Jess and Zewen were not sure of the restrictions that would be in place for their date. Without the ability to plan too much, they decided to have a micro wedding. Only 10 people were able to be present and a small team of talented friends helped pull the day together.

The day started with a Tea Ceremony with most of the family present. We took a short break for people to change and Jess and Zewen took the opportunity to read a letter they wrote to each another and exchange gifts. Their last message before they got married. It was a nice quiet moment before the high of the ceremony. The ceremony was great, led by Jess' older brother who officiated the wedding. Seeing Daniel speak the way he did is a whole other blog post. Instead of doing a candle unity ceremony or a sand ceremony, Jess and Zewen decided do some hand painting. It'll make more sense when you see the pictures. This symbolic act to visually unite two people is something that will bring them back to their commitment on this day.

After the ceremony and some food prepared by friends and family, we headed to a rented studio for some photos. We typically would've been outside for this part like in Gas Town or something, but the weather was questionable that day. Did I mention one of Zewen's groomsman rented a Rolls Royce? Anyways, the newly weds had a joy ride in a crazy luxurious car. After some photos and hanging out, we ended the day and went back to our respective homes.

I think because of the pandemic people's plans are changing. Initially, it felt like people were scrambling to either get married or postpone their weddings. Now that we're this far into it, people are purposefully having micro weddings. It's hard for a lot of people. In Jess and Zewen's case though, I think the day was perfect.

Event and Styling: Fable Events & Styling

Videographer: Sang Media

Florals: Branches & Vines Floral

Make-Up Artist: By Tran Beauty

Live Stream: Josh Tran

Studio: The Garden Strathcona